Whether you’re single or you have a special someone, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get out of the house and go celebrate love! If you’re single, Valentine’s Day is one of the best nights to get out there and meet ‘the one’; there are loads of people looking for love. And if you have a partner it’s a great day to go show each other off and have a great time.

Wherever you live there should be clubs, pubs and other venues hosting special Valentine’s Day events. If you have no clue as what to do on Cupid’s day of romance here are some ideas!

Go to a Dance Club!

Dancing is one of the most romantic things out there. So go with your partner, a group of friends or even by yourself. Dancing is a great way to connect with your partner or to meet a potential lover. At the least, you’ll have a good time with your friends. Why not treat yourself and go to a high end club and spoil yourself with a glass of champagne? After all Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year.

Speed Dating

This one is for all the singles out there! Speed dating may seem cheesy but it can be a lot of fun! Do a bit of research to see what venues are holding speed dating events in celebration of Valentine’s Day and sign up. Who knows, perhaps you’ll meet your perfect match, and if not it’s sure to be a laugh and a great way to meet new, interesting people.

Karaoke Bar

Karaoke bars are notorious for being a good time, and even more so on Valentine’s Day. Some bars may specialise in love songs for Valentine’s Day and other karaoke bar’s may host special singles nights for V-Day and have a range of “anti-love” songs you can sing your heart out to. Whether you’re a good singer or not, with karaoke you’re bound to have a ton of fun.

The Good Old Pub

You may think going to your usual pub is a boring way to spend Valentine’s Day, but you’re bound to bump into people you know as well as meet some new interesting people who have come out to in the attempts of meeting a love interest. Even if you have a partner, a glass of wine at the pub can be a surprisingly romantic way to end of an evening.